Summary plotEdit

Pinky and Brain are mistaken for monkeys by misguided animal rights activists and released into the jungle. The duo try to make it back home, but they encounter The Brain's nemesis, Snowball, who is out for revenge.



  • Snowball: You were always so darn dramatic!
  • Brain: And you were always so darn dainty!
  • [Brain volleys a shower of punches at Snowball, sending him flying towards a rock and knocking him out for the count]
  • Brain: YES!
  • Pinky: Bravo, Brain! I'd clap incessively if I weren't being digested by the quicksand!

Pinky: Two words, Brain: "Hakuna Matata".

Brain: Snowball!

  • Brain: Quickly, Snowball, take my hand.
  • Snowball: Thanks, but no thanks, Brain. I don't need your...AAAAAHHHHH! (Goes over the waterfall)
  • Brain: Pinky, display your savvy.
  • Pinky: Brain, in public?

Snowball: Oh, Brain. Come out and play...

  • Pinky: (after Brain rescues him from the quicksand) My hero!
  • Brain: Stop it, Pinky, or I'll put you right back in.

Brain: That's not a hat, it's a leech. I hate leeches.

Pinky: Uh, there's a big pile of dung under the tree.

  • Brain: Pinky?
  • Pinky: It's all right, Brain. The quicksand broke my fall!
  • Brain: Quicksand?!

Snowball: (laughs evilly) Oh, don't worry, Brain. You'll join him [Pinky] soon enough!

  • [Brain gathers enough strength to break the bonds and furiously lunge at Snowball]
  • Snowball: Surrender!
  • Brain: In your dreams!

Brain: We eat the box?

  • Snowball: Brain?
  • Brain: Snowball?
  • Snowball: Brain...(laughs evilly)

Snowball: Dung? Brain, where are you?! You animal!

Snowball: Bye, bye Brain!

Snowball: Ha, Ha, Brain! You can't beat me!