This is a list of episodes of the Pinky & The Brain spin-off Pinky, Elmyra, & The Brain'. The short-lasting series lasted only 13 episodes (25 segments) before it was cancelled.

1. Patty Ann / Gee, Your Hair Spells Terrific

2. Cute Little Alienhead / Better Living Through Cheese

3. My Fair Brainy! / The Cat That Cried Woof

4. The Girl With Nothing Extra / Narfily Ever After

5. The Icky Mouse Club / The Man From Washington

6. @ The Hop! / Pinky's Dream House

7. Yule Be Sorry / How I Spent My Weekend

8. Wag The Mouse / A Walk In The Park

9. Squeeze Play / The Ravin!

10. Teleport A Friend

11. Mr. Doctor / That's Edutainment

12. Fun, Time, & Space / Hooray For Meat

13. Party Night / The Mask Of Braino

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