Das Mouse
Season 01, Episode 01
Das Mouse
Air Date September 9, 1995
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Das Mouse (Also known as Das Mouse (Pilot)) was the first episode of Pinky and the Brain which was broadcast on September 9, 1995 for the first time.

Plot Summary Edit

Brain is able to succeed in breaking open him and Pinky's cages, by using a rocket, which he made out of a bottle of water. His newest scheme involves hypnotizing, but in order for to succeed, Brain must recover rare crab meat from a rare breed that only lives in the sunken wreckage of the Titanic to implement a hypnotic food additive for world domination. He and Pinky traverse the high seas in a borrowed submarine and heads to the remains of the Titanic, yet the CIA suspects them of terrorism and orders the sub to be destroyed.



  • Voice talents in this episode include James Belushi, who voices Jack Macguire.
  • The title is a reference to "Das Boot"