A Pinky and the Brain Christmas
Season 01, Episode 08
A Pinky and the Brain Christmas
Air Date December 13, 1995
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A Pinky and the Brain Christmas was the eighth episode of the first season of Pinky and the Brain. It was first broadcast December 13, 1995 and was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha/Telecom Animation Film.


Brain builds a toy based on him called a "Noodle-Noggin Doll", which has the power to hypnotize people so he can order the world to obey him. Taking a job as one of Santa's elves, he puts the doll on every Christmas list in the world, so that every household receives a doll. But upon reading Pinky 's letter to Santa (which praises Brain despite the fact he can't succeed, and asks Santa to give all of Pinky's presents to Brain), Brain, finally realizing that he had been such a selfish jerk to his best pal, bursts into tears and orders the world to have a merry Christmas, after which he smashes the machine.


  • This episode won a Primetime Emmy award in 1996 for Outstanding Animated Program.
  • This was the only episode of Pinky and The Brain to be animated by Telecom Animation Film that was not a hold over from Animaniacs, all other episodes were animated by Wang Flim Productions, Akom and Rough Draft Korea.
  • "Noodle-Noggin" was in reference to an Animaniacs segment called "Puppet Rulers" in which Pinky and the Brain joined the cast of a kids' puppet show in order to gain fame and influence the baby boomers to follow their lead in the future. Brain's name on the show was Noodle-Noggin.
  • This is the first time we see The Brain cry.
  • Pinky and Brain's voice actors, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, said that they were in tears while recording the scene where Brain reads Pinky's letter.